What is IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) And How It Compares With BitTorrent

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What is the InterPlanetary File System?

The goal of the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) is to replace the current internet-wide reliance on a centralized file storage system with a decentralized and distributed one. Each node functions as a data repository and relay for the network as a whole.

In contrast to conventional file-sharing networks, IPFS makes it considerably more challenging to lose, tamper with, or censor data since it permits the decentralized distribution of content.

Information in IPFS is stored in a distributed network of nodes rather than on a single server. A hash is assigned to each file and each version of a file, and this hash serves as an address that other nodes on the network may use to find the file in question.

Users are essentially asking for the file’s unique hash when they make a request, which is then utilized to find the data on the IPFS network.

How does it compare with BitTorrent?

On the other hand, BitTorrent is a protocol for distributed file sharing that facilitates the exchange of huge files between users via a network. BitTorrent uses a central tracker to manage file distribution among its peers, while IPFS does not.

BitTorrent works by breaking down large files into smaller chunks that may then be sent to several users simultaneously. When the peers distribute the parts equally, it eases the burden on each individual.

IPFS and BitTorrent both aim to facilitate the decentralized, peer-to-peer distribution of huge files; however, IPFS stands apart by providing a more permanent and irreversible option for storing and sharing data.

While a file may be irretrievably lost in BitTorrent if all of its peers lose the file, with IPFS, as long as there is even a single node having the file, it may be retrieved by anybody on the network.

IPFS is a more private and secure alternative to BitTorrent for file sharing, as IPFS nodes only exchange data with other trusted nodes.


To sum up, while both IPFS and BitTorrent have their advantages and disadvantages, IPFS is intended to provide a more decentralized, permanent, and safe alternative for storing files online.

While BitTorrent’s central tracker makes it ideal for speedy file sharing, it also leaves the system open to censorship and monitoring.

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